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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brand new baby

My baby came 2 weeks early. I had a doctors visit to check my blood pressure (again- I had been going to the doctor twice weekly since 5 months). That particular day he said "Well I think today you are having a baby. We just can't risk you getting preeclampsia again. Go on over & get checked in & we will have this baby out by 3:00." I was shocked
I called my husband to tell him the news & I would have had him bring the new cloth diapers if it hadn't been enough on his plate just to find a sitter for our 3 year old & bring my bag with the babies things too. What a day that was I was staring at the clock and they were going to have to do the cesarian at 3:00 & I hadn't seen my husband?? At 2:58 he showed up!! A few minutes later she was in my arms & we were in love-all over again.
The whole time we were in the hospital I kept thinking how chemically the smell of those Pampers were. How I hated that smell with the first one. Something that strong smelling just didn't seem right to be put on a brand-new-to-this-world baby! I wished sooo badly that I had prep-washed my diapers so we could bring them & put them on her here!! Plus, I thought she waould look so much cuter in pink, & the other colors than the chemically smelling white paper ones. But we had to wait until we went home.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mental Conversion to Cloth

I wish I had known about how easy it could be to cloth diaper with our first one but with all the "diaper-cakes" & disposable diapers we received as gifts for the 1st baby, it just never entered into our mind. With our first child using "premium brand" disposables we noticed that the money I was earning at my job was not coming home??? We knew that daycare was consuming a large chunk, but where was the rest going? We were being even more frugal than ever before in our lives. AND then gas went above $4.00/gal. Also I just couldn't help but feel bad about the extreme amount of trash-overflow we had each week while we were diapering. We realized that we HAD to potty-train ASAP! Luckily our 1st being a girl took right to it & was seriously working on it. Our 22 month old was amazing at her efforts (it was daycare's that I wasn't impressed with) at potty training. Eventually & finally we were out of diapers with child #1.
I was seriously concerned about having to throw so much money down the drain for diapers. Our second baby was on the way - any day when I came to my husband & told him "I know we didn't do this with the first one- but I am thinking seriously about cloth diapering this time". It seemed so scary at the time to make a such a leap of faith -little did I know it would be pretty painless & kind of fun. :)
It was a friend of mine who showed me that cloth diapers these days didn't even need pins. She showed me how they can just snap on or even velcro. I was over at her house one day when her baby had just made a dirty diaper and all she did was dump the mess in the toilet, flush it down I threw her diaper in a bucket in the laundry room so she could do the laundry all together that night. "how simple?!!"
I was so excited about seeing that you could select your own colors to be able to put on your baby!! Having a little girl on the way I first thought I would probably want all white so it would show less through or under her cute clothes. So I finally ordered some one size fits all (OS) snap pocket diapers- the cheapest ones I could find. We spent about $88; I figured that if they didn't work i would use them for at least 3 months & I would recoup my money by then (I would have definately spent $88 on premium disposables in a 3 months period).
The diapers arrived before my baby did. They were soooo adorable! I had blue, yellow, light green, and even PINK!! How cute they were! I felt like I was a kid myself for the amount of time I played with them. I was entirely confused on how to snap the three rows of snaps on the bottom?? I believe I tried every way except the correct one. I decided to look up the directions & DUH- it was how you sized the diaper into a newborn fit, small, medium, & large.
I was more ready than ever to try them on my new little one. But I had to wait for her to arrive. :)